SlimLine TA225DC: Documentation of models in the obsolescent Nidec TA225DC series of 60 x 10mm tube axial fans is available here.

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R34945 34945 R34945-16 R34945-16C R34945-16G R34945-25 R34945-33 R34945-33C R34945-34 R34945-33G R34945-55 R34945-55C R34945-55G R34945-57 R34945-58 R34945-68 R34945-68C R34945-68G R34945-82 R34945-82C R34945-82G

R35085 35085 R35085-16 R35085-16C R35085-16G R35085-25 R35085-33 R35085-33C R35085-33G R35085-34 R35085-55 R35085-55C R35085-55G R35085-57 R35085-58 R35085-68 R35085-68C R35085-68G R35085-82 R35085-82C R35085-82G

R35086 35086 R35086-16 R35086-16C R35086-16G R35086-25 R35086-33 R35086-33C R35086-33G R35086-34 R35086-55 R35086-55C R35086-55G R35086-57 R35086-58 R35086-68 R35086-68C R35086-68G R35086-82 R35086-82C R35086-82G

R35087 35087 R35087-16 R35087-16C R35087-16G R35087-25 R35087-33 R35087-33C R35087-33G R35087-34 R35087-55 R35087-55C R35087-55G R35087-57 R35087-58 R35087-68 R35087-68C R35087-68G R35087-82 R35087-82C R35087-82G

R34811 34811 R34811-16 R34811-16C R34811-16G R34811-25 R34811-33 R34811-33C R34811-33G R34811-34 R34811-55 R34811-55C R34811-55G R34811-57 R34811-58 R34811-68 R34811-68C R34811-68G R34811-82 R34811-82C R34811-82G

D06X-12TL D06X-24TL D06X-12TM D06X-24TM D06X-12TH

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